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The 30under30 edition is here spotlighting our inaugural class of 30 remarkable Africans under the age of 30 who are creating solutions, producing food for the continent and adding value to Africa’s primary agricultural products. They represent the new dawn of young farmers, founders, Agric focused venture capital/funders, agricultural development experts, founders of an agriculture incubator/accelerators, Agritech Founders, agricultural media personalities, agro-processors who are creating jobs and ensuring food security on the continent through their individual activities.

With the need to feed 9billion + people by 2050 and eradicate hunger in all forms, while anticipating Africa having the largest youthful population, young people are our best bet to attain this goal as they portend a sustainable, solution-oriented, dynamic, disruptive and innovative approach to the achievement of these goals.

Agrostrides is a global magazine set to inspire young people to practice Agriculture. We achieve this by changing the existing narrative through the power of media. Our flagship media product is Agrostrides a magazine that captivates the mind of readers in a way it has never been done before, with amazing graphics, catchy story contents and leveraging the power of mobile. It’s a digital magazine set to revolutionize the image of the agricultural sector.

As always, this groundbreaking initiative is the premier recognition of such individuals with a core focus on the agricultural sector. This is aimed at celebrating and highlighting their efforts to inspire more young people while empowering our under 30 community amplify messages about their work.

The edition like others is aimed at giving a refreshing feel to agriculture, reaffirming its profitability, diversity, and opportunities while lending a voice to accentuating some current challenges from a solution-oriented standpoint.

I welcome you onto this exciting rollercoaster of innovative agricultural stories from Ghana to Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa we showcase the impacts of youths in different areas in the agricultural sector.

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Agrostrides tracks sustainable impacts, trends, and opportunities in the Agricultural sector. We appreciate the remarkable support and feedbacks and we are committed to providing you unique information on the Agricultural sector while bringing value to the sector at large.

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