LifePro Food Mills: Chronicles of an emerging multibillion dollar food processing company

The sun is up, Birds in the air, vehicles moving all around creating a symphony of beautiful rural life of Ilara Mokin, in Ondo state Nigeria.

Funmilayo- a middle aged woman is a resident of the community and works as a janitor in one of the prestigious university in the State on days when she isn’t, she reverts to her primary occupation of locally producing locust beans popularly Called ‘iru’

On this day Funmilayo is approached by 3 young individuals who offer to train her on better and more hygienic ways to preprocess the locust beans and sell to them for a fee which potentially increase her income by 3times what she earns at the University. This company then finalizes processing and innovatively package the product in their factory

L-R (Oparinu AdeboWale, Elizabeth Alagbe, Maduka Emmanuel)

These individuals are Adebowale Oparinu, Elizabeth Alagbe and Maduka Emmanuel, the audacious cofounders of the emerging multinational food processing company; LifePro Food Mills.

LifePro aims at tackling malnutrition by scaling up local sources of nutrients to ensure all Africans have diginified access to nutritious yet affordable food products.

Their flagship product is “HIRU” Locust beans which has been redeveloped to overcome its inherent limitations hence their premium organic product has low smell, 6months shelf life, and zero additives

The uniqueness of this startup lies in their diverse experience from Food Science, Logistics, Project Management, and Agricultural Extension & Communications which combines to create a mosaic of a socially concious company producing affordable food products for all while providing decent income for rural women who work with them like Funmilayo, the company refers to them as HIRU champions.

These distinction has enabled the company win the Platform Young Professional Bootcamp 5 million naira grant and the 2.5million naira grant of SouthWest incubation program under the auspices of Premier Hub Innovation Centre

The company aims to produce similarly innovative products in the coming years that meet their mantra of affordablity and demystify the myth that to nutritious food has to be expensive

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