Orbital solutions partners with the Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA),

Orbital Solutions Global Services Limited’s thematic preoccupation is the delivery of geospatial services to both private public sector organisations with the aim of using geospatial data to drive business insight.

The company’s uniqueness is reflected in their approach to service provision,which focuses more on the value of the technology rather than the technology itself.

This is why they focus on data which is pivotal to development and business growth.

“As we appreciate the importance of data to businesses,we also recognise that the major players in the production component of the agricultural value chain are business owners who desire returns on their investment on their farms,be it crop or livestock.”

Due to the dearth of data in Nigeria, especially disaggregated data, orbital solutions has concentrated their efforts at gathering the data first then building business models as layers over the data to derive value from the data in order to achieve the following objectives with respect to the agricultural value chain in Nigeria

1.Reduce cost of doing business for all players in the agricultural value chain.

2.Establish market linkages for small holder farmers.

3.use drone multispectral data to optimise application of inputs for small holder farmers

4.Increase revenue generation capacity of farmers

5.Reduce post harvest losses.

6.Increase community youth employment

7.Strenghten women economic empowerment

To achieve these objectives, Orbital Solutions Global Services Limited has developed a data driven platform called AgroXchange , available at www.agroxchange.ng as a mobile and web application.

Their partnership with the Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA),that has facilitated the acquisition of a multispectral sensor drone,specifically designed for Agricultural purposes  will complement the AgroXchange platform and allow Orbital Solutions Global Services Limited to provide farmer profiling services in the short term,and precision agriculture in the long term for the benefit small holder farmers.


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