Orbital Solutions signs MOU with Development Agenda for Western Nigeria Commission

On the 6th of June 2018, history was made as Orbital Solutions the creators of AgroXchange signed an MOU with the Development Agency for Western Nigeria, DAWN Commission on regional farm geospatial data collection.

The location where the signing was held- Cocoa house, Ibadan ,portrayed the historic nature of the event.

Cocoa house (image credit:Tafrica)

For those who are wondering, cocoa house, completed in 1965, once the tallest building in tropical Africa (105 metres) was built from the proceeds of farm commodities of the then Western State of Nigeria and was formerly Called Ile Awon Agbe (Yoruba) which translates as House Of Farmers.

The DAWN Commission is the dedicated technocratic institution for the sustainable development of the Southwest Region.

Mr seye Oyeleye- Director General, DAWN Commission

Mr Adewale Adegoke -CEO, Orbital Solutions

Present at the signing was the Director General Of DAWN Commission in person of Mr Seye Oyeleye, The CEO of Orbital Solutions Mr Adewale Adegoke, General Manager Orbital Solutions Mr Chude okafor. Also present were the key stakeholders; the farmers, Engr John Olateru Chairman Oyo State commodity Association, Mrs F.A oyekunle President of Women in Agriculture-AFAN Ogun state chapter , Prince Olusegun Dasolu amongst others

Prince Olusegun Dasaolu and MRS F.A Oyekunle

Engr John Olateru – Chairman Oyo state commodity Association

Chude okafor- General Manger, Orbital Solutions

Stakeholders at the MoU signing

The event started with an opening speech by the Director General,DAWN Mr Seye Oyeleye which highlighted DAWN’s commitment to agricultural development in the region and the “importance of frequent stakeholder engagement with key and active actors of the industry”.

Mr Adedotun Seyingbo of DAWN Commission outlined the significance of the event in relation to the activities of all stakeholders present

Adedotun Seyingbo Of DAWN Commission

Mr Adewale Adegoke of Orbital Solution then explained to all partners present how the geospatial database through the AgroXchange application works, its benefits to all especially smallholder farmers and agroprocessors and how it’s utilization could lead to investments and a possible commodity exchange in the region.

AgroXchange is a geospatial database of farms and farmers that leverages the market penetration of smart devices in Nigeria and the GPS location component of smart phones to facilitate rapid data collection and information dissemination in real-time and near real-time.

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Mr Adewale Adegoke explains how the AgroXchange application works and it benefits.

The geospatial database reduces the cost of doing business for farmers, aggregators, offtakers, and processors in establishing market linkages. Thus bridging the gap of availability of disaggregated farm data, access to markets, commodity trade facilitation  and ensuring traceability.

The Head Of legal, DAWN Commission reads the Memorandum Of Understanding

The MoU is aimed at enabling data driven agriculture, data driven planning and decision making in the region and it signifies serious attention being paid Agriculture by the DAWN Commission and its partners.

AgroXchange is premised on the principle that every farmer is a business entity and demonstrates Orbital Solutions Global Service Limited philosophy of driving business insight with geospatial data.

Orbital solutions plans to leverage on its AgroXchange web and mobile application with additional utilization of Umanned Aerial Vehicle for further precision in data collection as well as other functions like:

  • Identify pests, disease and weeds. Optimize pesticide usage and crop sprays through early detection.

• Provide data on soil fertility and refine fertilization by detecting nutrient deficiencies. Help with land management and whether to take agriculture land in or out of production or rotate crops etc.

• Count plants and determine population or spacing issues.

• Estimate crop yield.

• Measure irrigation. Control crop irrigation by identifying areas where water stress is suspected. Then, make improvement to land areas such as install drainage systems and waterways based on the multispectral data.

• View damage to crops from farm machinery and make necessary repairs or replace problematic machinery.

• Survey fencing and farm buildings.

• Establish market linkages with tractor owners and input suppliers.

Through Orbital Solutions and the DAWN Commission MoU, farmers in the region will be Armed with data which they can use to fine-tune their operations, hence potentially increasing yields and profits.


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