Breakfast king; Disrupting the traditional breakfast industry

Oshodi! Oshodi! , obalende! Palmgroove! ,the conductors shouts names of destinations as people rush to enter danfo (the popular yellow and black commercial buses in Lagos, Nigeria), it’s five am (5am), and this signifies the beginning of the regular hustle and bustle in the commercial city of Nigeria: Lagos.

It is not unusual to see people up and about at this time of the morning as workers likewise some students are trying to beat traffic gridlock, to get to work or school early among other things.

In this hustle however food is essential and breakfast is king, while some people skip breakfast, others scamper to the nearest street food joint to buy Akara (beans cake), moi moi (made from beans) and ogi or Koko (made from Maize) among other traditional breakfast foods.

These foods are simply delicious but most are prepared in unhygienic condition or processed unhygienically.

Breakfast King a Nigerian Food company is changing that with its disruptive processing and packaging of traditional breakfast foods.

Their products – Akara, Moi-Moi and Koko/ Ogi- are prepared in very clean and hygienic conditions and are well packaged in novel ways that rival the biggest local and international food and fast food brands.

A Customer enjoying their breakfast king product at work

The Lagos based company was established one year ago by two cofounders; Ladi Oshinaike and Abioye Tunde- Anjous.

we want people to have alternate traditional options for breakfast that is affordable

Abioye Tunde-Anjous, cofounder Breakfast King

The two brilliant Nigerians; Abioye, a pharmacist who practiced in various countries and Ladi a sales professional,with vast expertise in four different industries, previously worked as health insurance experts found this solution to the existing problem of Nigerians skipping breakfast due to several reasons. Ladi says “while doing advisory we found that people skip breakfast which leads to several health issues and complications, we want people to have alternate traditional options for breakfast that is affordable”

Breakfast King products range from 500naira and could be flexibly ordered through SMS, whatsapp, instagram or other social media platforms . Also apart from ordering via those channels, Breakfast king is evolving as they also have point of sales set up at Ikeja, Surulere, Ikoyi, Marina and currently working on Victoria island, for people to pick up daily , between 7:00 a.m to 10:00 a.m .

As early as 6am-7am, Your breakfast gets to you hot and delicious

Breakfast king has achieved remarkable growth since inception and they are just getting started.


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