AgroXchange: Disrupting Agriculture through GIS technology

It’s 6am in owena a village in Nigeria and Helen , 24 year old farmer in Idanre local government, Ondo state, Nigeria has resumed duty on her farm. Today is harvest day and she presumes to harvest up to 3 tonnes of cocoa from her farm.

Nearby there is a chocolate factory about 3 kilometers from her farm, their product manager/ aggregators need to purchase raw cocoa to meet their daily production needs.In Nigeria market access and linkage has been a problem which has led to food spoilage or loss on the part of the farmer and low productivity and output due to lack of raw materials,on the part of processing companies.

Helen’s farms are listed as one of the farms on the AgroXchange app ( ) which the company’s aggregator use for produce purchase and investment planning, making her (Helen) visible for potential purchase of his product by the Aggregator or processor

AgroXchange is a mobile and web based Agribusiness market driven Geographic Information System that collects, stores and presents agricultural market forms of data through inclusive process that facilitate rapid collection, data collection job opportunities and knowledge sharing in rural communities.AgroXchange

More like how users of car riding applications can check the availability of cars/drivers in their area, the users with a click of the button can access available farms within proximity of their locations/ processing plants.

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AgroXchange Watch how it works here:

Presently data have been collected on Ginger in Kaduna, Nigeria and Cocoa in Ondo State, Nigeria.

The data collected stored and presented include:

  • Crop and livestock farm location
  • Farmer contact details
  • Harvest and planting dates
  • Plot size
  • Photo of farmer and farm
  • Storage location and business information
  • Processor location and business information
  • Whosalers and retailers
  • Farm issues (input, water, finance or theft)

The target users include but are not limited to: farmers, input suppliers, aggregators, offtakers, processors, retailers, investors, banks and donor partners

AgroXchange 3

AgroXchange was developed by Orbital solutions Global Services Limited, an independent Geographic Information Service (GIS) company domiciled in Nigeria. Orbital solutions recognizes the inefficiencies in the Nigerian Agricultural Value chain and its impact on cost of doing business in the farm table supply chain.

AgroXchange 1

The current features of AgroXchange that facilitates Market Linkage and support investment planning include:

  • Mobile find a farm and business
  • Crop calendar and harvest notification
  • Post Advert feature
  • Web and mobile based GIS database query (optimizing agroprocessing zones, support for agriculture cooperative, targeted marketing for input producers, know your customer for credit planning and disbursement)

The platform is innovative as it also has climate information facility, ewallet and escrow facility, farmer feedback dashboard and unmanned Aerial services for monitoring plant health and generating plant nutrient data.

AgroXchange is a trendy solution to market access, thereby improving standard of living of Nigerian Farmers and contributing to food security in the country and on the continent


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