Meet AgricSquare : The Social Platform for agricultural enthusiasts

Agricsquare is an online platform created for any and everyone interested in the world of agriculture.

Social media has woven it self into the fabrics of our society making it easier for us to communicate, access opportunities and have fun.

Social media sites like Instagram allows you share information in picture form to your audience and LinkedIn is a strictly professional social network.

Similarly Agricsquare is here, it is an online platform created for any and everyone interested in agriculture. According to the marketing manager Okechukwu Ukaigwe “Agricsquare is your one stop box to chat, share ideas, ask questions, find answers and connect with people” in the agricultural industry.

The platform which was launched on the 19th of April 2018 was founded by the Agritech King, the CEO Farmcrowdy, Onyeka Akumah, Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform focused on giving people the opportunity to invest in Agriculture.

Onyeka Akumah founder Agricsquare.

The platform is unique as it is dedicated to agriculture and “its content and level of connectivity are channeled to people of common interest and goal”

“We want to use this platform to show that everyone can get involved in the agricultural sector, until everyone gets talking about Agricsquare, we won’t stop innovating and pushing it out”

The platform proffers a huge cool knowledge bank “everyone interested the world of agriculture regardless of cultural or individual differences. It is open to young and old farmers, agricultural enthusiasts, students, business people agronomist to mention but a few, it’s a community where everyone can easily connect and find answers relating to the agricultural sector”

Agricsquare which could be accessed via is currently being embedded into the Farmcrowdy App which is one of the top trending Apps in the Food and Drink Category on Google play store.

Knowledge sharing Just got cooler with Agricsquare


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