Agrostrides 3.0

Agrostrides is a global magazine set to inspire young people to practice Agriculture. We achieve this by changing the existing narrative through the power of media.

Our flagship media product is Agrostrides a magazine that captivates the mind of readers in a way it has never been done before, with amazing graphics, catchy story contents and leveraging the power of mobile. It’s a digital magazine set to revolutionize the image of the agricultural sector.

We welcome you aboard this edition which is, as usual, composed of innovative agricultural brand stories to take you on a magical journey of happenings in the sector. This edition is tagged the #pressforprogress edition which highlights, celebrates the effort of women making bold moves in the agricultural sector in Africa.

With stories from Nigeria,Kenya, South Africa we showcase the impacts of women in different areas in the agricultural sector. This edition has Ada Osakwe, CEO Agrolay Venture and Nuli Juice company,  gracing its cover page. Stories inside include happy coffee from Nigeria, Aslina Wines’ Ntsiki Biyela, Zambia’s Monica musonda, Farmcrowdy’s Co-founder/VP operations Temitope Omotolani, Tomato Jos’ CEO Mira Metha to mention but a few.

Agrostrides tracks sustainable impacts, trends, and opportunities in the Agricultural sector. We appreciate the remarkable support and feedbacks on the first edition and we are committed to providing you unique information on the Agricultural sector while bringing value to the sector at large.

Download this exhilarating magazine by clicking this link below

AGROSTRIDES 3.0 (4005 downloads)

Maduka Emmanuel

Managing Editor


An agricultural communicator, development expert, agrojournalist. Passionate about changing the existing narrative of the agricultural sector

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